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our sustainibility

Costa Verde??™s commitment to our planet??™s ecology and sustainability goes far beyond the efforts of other so-called ???eco resorts???. Of course we recycle, do not use improper pesticides, support sustainable business practices and processes in our hotel and restaurants and manage our jungle and its flora and fauna with best sustainable methods.

From our 727 fuselage home and C-123 plane at El Avi?n, to our train cars at La Cantina & El Wagon Restaurants to our ???Queen??? Banana Boat Tender, Costa Verde has taken abandoned things destined for the scrap heap and turned them into beautiful and useful attractions that delight, amaze, educate and create new value. At Costa Verde, we take the concept of recycling to a whole new level!

We are planting 10,000 plants and trees every year on our properties, creating a diverse ecosystem for the wildlife of our jungle. Our own nurseries propagate thousands of new plants and trees each and every year.

We make most of our furniture, lighting fixtures and building materials in our own wood shop, harvesting naturally downed trees from the region whenever possible, and recycling our wood waste as mulch or burning it in our Barbecue at La Cantina or in our Wood Fired Pizza ovens at El Wagon and El Avi?n.

We have collected thousands of bottles from our restaurants and others in the region and we use them to make lighting fixtures and integrate them into walls as design elements that you can see at our restaurants. Our new project will be to build a glass building entirely out of bottles! We??™ll be checking you for bricks at the door??¦

Around the Grounds

– In-room signs encourage guests to reuse bath towels
– In-room signs encourage guests to turn off A/C units, lights and TVs when not in use
– All light bulbs have been upgraded to energy efficient bulbs
– Biological wastewater treatment
– Water used in restaurants is preheated with solar energy
– Collection of rain water is used for laundry services
– Laundry water is reused for watering of gardens and nursery
– Recycle program includes bins for glass, paper and plastic in all guest rooms, restaurants and throughout the premises
– Biodegradable cleaning products are used by housekeeping staff
– Gardening staff provides ongoing maintenance to prune and replant natural flora and fauna species using organic fertilizers
– Farmed teak wood is used for structural architecture of all buildings on hotel property
– Native trees are replanted throughout the property
– ???Do Not Feed the Animals??? signs are posted throughout the premise
– 20 acres forest protection

In the Community

– Member of Chamber of Commerce
– Hotel Gift shop sells products made by local artisans
– Supporter of The Code of Conduct Group for the protection of children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism
– Funding of scholarship program for children of Hotel Costa Verde Associate
– Helping Beach clean-up program
– Support the community cultural development

As you can see, at Costa Verde, we just don??™t ???talk the talk???, when it comes to our commitment to making things better for our future on this planet, we truly ???walk the walk???, each and every day! We are proud of our leadership in implementing creative new methods for a more sustainable enterprise at Costa Verde. Pura Vida!