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Casa Quinta's terrace

our Casa quinta

Casa Quinta is for those travelers interested in having their own private space, while still enjoying all the amenities of the hotel. Casa Quinta A-9 is connected to the hotel reception by a short footpath. These dwellings come with the same daily services of a hotel room, easy parking, A Area’s family-friendly pool and a complete kitchenette for guests to make meals at their convenience.

CASA Quinta a-9 

Casa Quinta A-9 has a master bedroom with two queen-sized beds and two smaller bedrooms on each side of the master bedroom, each with a queen-sized bed. In addition there is a very small room for children with two single beds in bunk form. All four bedrooms have their own bathroom.
Casa Quinta includes a large terrace area for dining with a nice ocean view, a kitchen with microwave next to the terrace, three flat screen cable TVs, a wood paneled cathedral-style ceiling and three new digital air conditioning units  one for each of the adult bedrooms. The house includes three separate entrances, one for each of the three main bedrooms. Each bedroom has an attached private bathroom. The three main bedrooms have a separate door to the terrace/dining area. The half bedroom, with bunk beds, is attached to the master bedroom.
In summary, Casa Quinta has four queen-sized beds and a bunk bed with two single mattresses, four bathrooms and living room set of couch and two arm chairs.

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